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5 Tips For Planning Your Camping Trip

It’s finally that time of year again.  The sun is out, the lakes are warm, the trails are clear, and it’s time for you to enjoy it all.  While you are planning your next wilderness getaway, here are some tips to ensure a great camping experience.

1. Find Somewhere New
Too often, we settle for comfort when we our planning for the next trip.  We fall into the same traditions, going to the same campsite and hiking the same trails as last year.  We know the places we love, so why bother to explore?
Camping is all about exploration.  It is about getting...

Chicken Chat Highlights!

On March 31st, 2015, C-A-L Ranch Stores and Nutrena hosted a live Chicken Chat on the C-A-L Ranch Facebook page.  This live chat gave poultry enthuseists the chance to ask questions concerning poultry care and nutrition questions answered by Nutrena Specialists.
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Here are some of the highlights from the chicken chat.  If your poultry question doesn’t get answered here, feel free to call your local C-A-L Ranch, or message us on the C-A-L Ranch Facebook Page.  You can also shop for all of your Nutrena poultry products at C-A-L Ranch Stores! 
Also, remember...

What’s Your #CALculture?

C-A-L Ranch is a “Ranch and Home Store, and So Much More!”, and we take the “So Much More” part very seriously.  We know that the products we sell help our customers with the way they work, play, and express themselves.  We love the western lifestyle, and we know our customers do as well.

“CAL Culture” is a very broad term for what our customers love, and what makes C-A-L Ranch Stores, more than just a store.  Whether it is having a lazy afternoon at the ranch drinking an iced tea, or going on that adventurous backpacking trip, we know that...

C-A-L Ranch Bee Chat

On February 24th, C-A-L Ranch Stores held a Live Bee Chat event on the C-A-L Ranch Facebook Page.  Beekeepers and Wanna-Beekeepers posted questions while experts from C-A-L Ranch and Harvest Lane Honey answered them.  Here are some of the highlights from the beekeeping Q&A.  If you still have any questions, please comment below and we will answer it for you!

Q: What do you need to do during the winter to keep bees healthy?
A:  Make sure they have plenty of honey in the hive, make sure the hive is dry & well ventilated and the can withstand just about anything Mother...

The Heart Behind STS Ranchwear

Original post By Cassie Gilman
Check out her blog at

For those of you that know me at all, you know I spend a lot of time on Facebook.  I have  been introduced to a lot of wonderful friends, ministries and businesses.  I was scrolling through my page one day and found STS Ranchwear on my Facebook  The first thing that caught my eye was the cross.  I believe in supporting Christian Businesses with all my heart so when you mix the Cowboy Lifestyle and that together you have won my heart over for sure!!
I started following STS Ranchwear and I realized...

Bullhide Hats: “Always a Step Ahead”

Bullhide is a brand that fully captures the spirit of the Western Lifestlye.  Since the company’s founding in 1949, Bullhide has built its reputation of high quality and style by cutting no corners and sticking to their western roots.

Montecarlo and Bullhide Hat Co. use quality, excellence and service as their backbone and their driving factors in making them a recognized leader in the western fashion industry.  Bullhide Hats use their superior finish, innovative style, and exclusive trimmings to create a hat with style, utility, and quality.
Each Bullhide hat goes through a series of steps in order to acheive this...

Concealed Carrie: Firearms, Fashion, Fabulous

“Why should women be forced to compromise fashion for function?”  This is the question asked by the firearm industry’s most fashionable brand, Concealed Carrie.  Up until now, the market has been dominated by tactical gear and military-style concealed carry bags, all of which are masculine, uncomfortable, and impractical.

Leslie Deets noticed this while attending firearm safety classes.  She saw the increasing demand for women to have a bag that effectivly conceals a weapon for self protection, while at the same time remaining fashionable.  In an interview with Forbes magazine, Lesle Deets explains that she wanted to create a concealed carry...


MDBarnmaster has over thirty years of experience in perfecting the barn.  They’ve found a way to create a barn that is versatile, attractive, and functional.  A Better Barn is also a great value for any size of budget.  With endless options and top-notch service, they have truly earned their title of Barnmaster.
MDBarnmaster provides barn experts who can quickly help you design, order, and intstall your barn.  With MD Barnmaster, you have complete control with the design of your barn both inside and out.  With all of the available options, you can build a fully functional and personalized barn.
MDBarnmaster has offers...

An Introduction to Beekeeping

Beekeeping is an enjoyable activity and can be very rewarding.  Beekeeping can be enjoyed by anybody that is interested and willing to take the time to care for and manage the bees.  One common misconception is that one must have acres of land in order to beekeep.  This is entirely untrue, in fact, many people in urban areas have taken up this hobby keeping their bees on apartment rooftops.  So no matter who you are or where you live, beekeeping can be a great experience for you.

To get started with beekeeping, you will need a few basic items to begin. ...

Tired of cold feet? Winter Boots from SOREL

Picking out a new pair of winter boots can be a difficult decision.  I recently found myself in need of a new pair of boots for the winter, and had no clue what style or brand would best suit my needs.
After doing a little research, it really felt like I had to make a sacrifice.  I was going to either buy a stylish pair of boots and thaw out my feet every night, or I was going to keep my feet warm and look like I was hiking up Mt. Everest.  Was I asking too much? Was it crazy to...