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Emergency Preparedness

Emergency Preparedness is kinda like having that odd tool in your garage.  It remains unused most of the time, but when you need it, you’re sure glad you have it!
We all have important agendas and busy schedules.  Sometimes we are so focused on the task at hand we forget that emergencies could happen at any time. Nobody knows when the next emergency will happen but that doesn’t mean that it won’t.
September is National Preparedness month, and C-A-L Ranch Stores would like to remind everyone about the importance of Emergency Preparedness.
C-A-L Ranch Stores provides a great selection of emergency preparedness gear. From...

A Closer Look at Cowgirl Tuff


Few clothing brands represent the western lifestyle as well as Cowgirl Tuff.   Owner and Lead Designer Lisa Bollin has a great sense for fashion and receives her inspiration from her western roots.  Looking through the Cowgirl Tuff catalog, it is easy to see the passion behind the clothing.


Lisa began her career selling tops at barrel racing events throughout the United States. As the demand grew, so did her company.  From 2004 to 2014, Cowgirl Tuff went from selling wholesale in 18 stores to 1700 stores!

(click picture to shop Cowgirl Tuff & B. Tough clothing!)


Although Lisa is the Owner and Lead Designer at Cowgirl Tuff, she has had great support from her husband, her daughter, and even her horse!  When asked what impact her horses have had on her business, she replied, “Huge! I feel I have the upper hand compared to some western companies as I truly live the lifestyle.”

You can shop for Cowgirl Tuff and B. Tuff apparel on The C-A-L Ranch Online Store.

To Read Lisa’s Full Story Click here.

Hunter’s Checklist

Hunting is a great activity that can be enjoyed with your family, friends, and even your dog.  At C-A-L Ranch Stores, you can find everything you need to plan your next hunting trip.  From Blinds, Calls, and Decoys to Scents and Tree Stands, C-A-L Ranch is your one-stop hunting supply store.

As with any other outdoor activity, it is best to be prepared.  With all of the different aspects of hunting, it can be easy to forget something.  That’s why we’ve provided our C-A-L Ranch’s Hunter’s Checklist !
With this Checklist you’ll be ready to get out and make the most of your hunting...

Camper’s Checklist!

At C-A-L Ranch Stores, we know that the summer months are best spent outdoors. Whether your passion is horseback riding, hunting, fishing, or camping, we want to make sure that you are ready for your favorite outdoor activity.
Camping has always been one of America’s favorite hobbies, and the hobby just keeps growing. In fact, since 2010 there has been an increase of around 2 million campers in America! (
This is because camping can be a great inexpensive way to get out of the house, and spend quality time with the Family. It can also be a fun adventure full of...

The Importance of Helmet Safety

July 12th 2014 marks the 5th annual International Helmet Awareness Day. We thought it would be a good idea to talk a little bit about the importance of helmet safety while out horseback riding this summer.
Horse Master Julie Goodnight recently wrote a great blog about why she decides to wear a helmet.  She explains that while it is a simple thing to do, it can also be a difficult thing to remember.  She also talks about the importance of safety while riding, and how helmets can make a huge difference.  Helmets are a great way to stay safe while also being comfortable...

Helpful Tips to Ensure a Safe Summer of Horseback Riding

We are well into the summer season, which means that it is time to get outdoors and enjoy the sunshine!  Spending time out in the fresh air with our family and friends reminds us why we were looking forward to the Summer in the first place. There are many great ways to enjoy the fresh air and horseback riding remains one of the most popular.
Whether we’re packing up for a long trail or out riding until the late afternoon, horseback riding is a great way to spend those long summer days.  To get the most out of your horseback riding experience,...

Tuf Cooper Vists C-A-L Ranch in Prescott

World Champion Tuf Cooper will be stopping by for a visit in C-A-L Ranch in Prescott, AZ.  He will be in the store at 5 pm, Wednesday, July 2nd. Come visit to get an autograph and to meet the World Champ! For more information about Tuf Cooper click here.

Congratulations To Our Winners!

Being a C-A-L Ranch Fan has its benefits!  In this blog post, we will keep an up-to-date list of our C-A-L Ranch Winners.

7/23/14 Maryeileen Flanagan won a $1000 C-A-L Ranch Gift Card!
7/23/14 Lachelle Thorpe won a pair of Dan Post Boots!
7/14/14 Nathan Lawson won a $500 C-A-L Ranch Gift Card!
7/8/14 Wendy J Davenport won a Cowgirl Tuff T-shirt
7/1/14 Erica Carnes won a pair of Ferrini Boots!
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You can also check our current contest here.

Goodyear Job Fair Information!

Come work for us in Goodyear!!
The job fair will be two days, July 15th from noon to 4pm and July 16th from 8am to noon.  All applicants who attend will have an interview with one of our managers for a position at the new Goodyear store. The job fair will be held at our new store location.
Interested candidates can fill out their application packet early by going to the Maricopa Workforce Connection Career Center at 1840 N 95th Ave Suite 160 in Phoenix.  They will be given an application packet to complete.  They must return the packet to the Workforce...

A Quick Look at our Winners!

Let’s Take A look at Some of our Contest Winners!
Our Grand Prize winner for our 2nd Annual Lifestyle Photo Contest was Neihlee Muir from Chester Idaho

Take a look at some of our other Lifestyle Photo Contest Winners!
Here is a list of some of our other winners!
Mitzi Bodily: Dad & Son Cinch outfit
John Hopper: Carhartt 125th Anniversary Knife
Jason Lupiani: $500 Towards Gift Registry
Shawn Haufe: Camp Chef Stove
Cameron Shep: Cactus Rope
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