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Re-purpose, Reuse and Recycle

Do you re-purpose, reuse and recycle?
Another mans trash is another mans treasure it is said.  But the truth is, before you throw something away, maybe you should view it in a new light.
What comes to mind when we say recycle?  Is it a water bottle and a big blue trash can?  What am I talking about?  Re-purpose, reuse and recycle is becoming very popular and it simply means taking something old and giving it new life.

It can pertain to anything, there are no limits to your imagination and it can put a whole new spin on the term “flower bed.” 
If you...
burn baby burn

Burn Baby Burn!

Natural options so you won’t burn
If you’ve ever had a painful sunburn before, you know how important it is to make sure you put on some type of skin protection before you go out and enjoy the hot Summer sun.

Sunburns can be quite serious and can cause minor to severe pain depending on the type of burn you sustain.  According to A person’s risk for melanoma–the most serious form of skin cancer–doubles if he or she has had five or more sunburns.
They have a list of things you things they recommend you do before frolicking in the Summer sun.
– Seek...
Dog floating in the pool

How To Protect Your Dog In The Summer

Some Great tips to help your dog stay cool
We hope you’re enjoying the warm Summer weather in your neck of the woods. It’s getting hot out there and although you might have the answer to keeping cool yourself, however Fido may need your help. We have chosen to share tips and advice on the subject from several experts in the field and are confident that if you follow their advice, you and your pet will have an enjoyable Summer season.

Things To Keep In Mind On Hot Days
1. Never leave your pet in the car on a hot day.
Never leave your animals alone in...


Lots of winners! Check to see if you won!
We’ve been having all kinds of C-A-L Ranch Contests lately, and we thought we would recognize some of our recent winners.  Here is a list of the different contests we’ve had and the winners.  If your name isn’t up here, it’s never too late!  Click here to enter the latest C-A-L Ranch Contest!

Montana Silversmith Contest
Mary Norton
ATN Contest
Joe Kershenbaum
American Flag Wall Art Contest
1. Deborah Hunt
2. Roland Smith
3. Carol Burgess
4. Jake Hamman
5. Mollie Comer
#CALculture Winners
1. Ashlee Carter Hogge
2. Nathan Brune
3. Shamrock Hustlers
4. Dixie Le
5. Christina Stewart
6. Jean Kennedy
7. Tessica Jimbo Reynolds
8. Brenda Rhyan-Baker
Thanks for...

That Perfect Father’s Day Gift

Father’s Day is just around the corner
We all know how hard it can be to find the perfect gift for your Dad. After all, he is the man! When he wants something, he doesn’t waste time. He does his research, finds the specs, and makes the decision. It can be hard finding something he wants and doesn’t already have.

If there is one thing we all know about the Fathers in our lives, it’s that they are simple. They devote themselves to teach us valuable life lessons and skills, and don’t ask for much in return. Of all the great simple...

Take The #CALculture Quiz!

We know that #CALculture means different things to different people. After all, C-A-L Ranch is a “Home and Ranch Store, and So Much More!” To some it might mean getting ready for an awesome camp trip, and to others it could mean getting supplies for a long day of work. No matter what you do for work or for fun, C-A-L Ranch Stores carries what you need for your lifestyle. Take the #CALculture Quiz to see which culture you identify with.
Take the quiz & share the results with your friends!

5 Tips For Planning Your Camping Trip

It’s finally that time of year again.  The sun is out, the lakes are warm, the trails are clear, and it’s time for you to enjoy it all.  While you are planning your next wilderness getaway, here are some tips to ensure a great camping experience.

1. Find Somewhere New
Too often, we settle for comfort when we our planning for the next trip.  We fall into the same traditions, going to the same campsite and hiking the same trails as last year.  We know the places we love, so why bother to explore?
Camping is all about exploration.  It is about getting...

Chicken Chat Highlights!

On March 31st, 2015, C-A-L Ranch Stores and Nutrena hosted a live Chicken Chat on the C-A-L Ranch Facebook page.  This live chat gave poultry enthuseists the chance to ask questions concerning poultry care and nutrition questions answered by Nutrena Specialists.
Shop all of your poultry needs at C-A-L Ranch Stores
Here are some of the highlights from the chicken chat.  If your poultry question doesn’t get answered here, feel free to call your local C-A-L Ranch, or message us on the C-A-L Ranch Facebook Page.  You can also shop for all of your Nutrena poultry products at C-A-L Ranch Stores! 
Also, remember...

What’s Your #CALculture?

Do you have #CALculture?
C-A-L Ranch is a “Ranch and Home Store, and So Much More!”, and we take the “So Much More” part very seriously.  We know that the products we sell help our customers with the way they work, play, and express themselves.  We love the western lifestyle, and we know our customers do as well.

“CAL Culture” is a very broad term for what our customers love, and what makes C-A-L Ranch Stores, more than just a store.  Whether it is having a lazy afternoon at the ranch drinking an iced tea, or going on that adventurous backpacking trip,...

C-A-L Ranch Bee Chat

On February 24th, C-A-L Ranch Stores held a Live Bee Chat event on the C-A-L Ranch Facebook Page.  Beekeepers and Wanna-Beekeepers posted questions while experts from C-A-L Ranch and Harvest Lane Honey answered them.  Here are some of the highlights from the beekeeping Q&A.  If you still have any questions, please comment below and we will answer it for you!

Q: What do you need to do during the winter to keep bees healthy?
A:  Make sure they have plenty of honey in the hive, make sure the hive is dry & well ventilated and the can withstand just about anything Mother...