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Eggnog A Homemade Recipe

Here’s an Eggnog recipe you’re sure to love.
Are you a Fan of Eggnog?  During the holiday season, eggnog seems like the perfect drink because of several reasons.

It’s scarcity – you can only find it during the holiday season
You have to wait all year to enjoy it’s deliciousness making it highly anticipated
It can be mixed
It tastes like Christmas, right?

I realize not everyone shares my appreciation for the creamy holiday concoction, but if you are a fan then this homemade recipe might be a perfect fit for your Christmas season.
We found this eggnog recipe over at The Prarie Homestead. If egg nog doesn’t float...
desect insecticide

DEsect Insecticide Is The Organic Choice

Have you been searching for an insecticide product that actually kills insects AND is safe to use around your family and pets?  Then you need DEsect Insecticide!

DEsect Insecticide ( is the perfect choice when you want an insecticide that works, but is still considered “organic”.
We get asked all the time how DEsect Insecticide kills insects so effectively while still being gentle on the environment. And, it’s so easy to use that anyone can do it! (To learn more please see the attached infographic for all the details.)

DEsect Insecticide is specially formulated to exterminate the insects that are a nuisance to...
veterans day

Veterans Day

Veterans Day is a time to remember.
Nov 11, 2015, will mark our countries National Day of Remembrance and recognition for all of those who are serving or have ever served in our nation’s Armed Forces.  We here at CAL Ranch Stores have a deep appreciation for our countries veterans and we would like to thank them for serving and protecting our freedoms that we are so grateful for.
Here at Cal Ranch, our employees and their family members have proudly served all over the world in many wars and conflicts that have left a rich historical legacy in each of their families.  Sometimes it’s...

Cinch/Boyd Gaming Rodeo Weekend for two!


Cal Ranch is an Official Sponsor of the Cinch/Boyd Gaming Shootout Rodeo this year!   The event will be in Las Vegas Nevada Dec 10-12 at The Orleans Arena.
Click Here to Enter The Cinch/Boyd Gaming Rodeo Weekend for two!

This is a brand new event at a beautiful venue in Las Vegas.  You know Cinch from their line of Cinch and Cruel Girl Jeans that are iconic to the western world of cowboys and cowgirls. Sponsoring many of today’s top rodeo athletes, Cinch and Cruel Girl are at the forefront of high quality, rodeo performance fashion clothing.
The Cinch/Boyd Gaming Shootout Rodeo debuts at The Orleans...
CAL Ranch

56th Anniversary CAL Ranch Giveaway Named

CAL Ranch Anniversary Giveaway Winners.

Our CAL Ranch 56th Anniversary Giveaway contest ran for the entire month of September to celebrate the founding of our company.  We want to thank everyone who participated in making this the biggest contest we have ever run!  There were 8 separate amazing prize packages. Winners were randomly selected from over 60,000 entries!
Congratulations to our winners!
Yeti Cooler Winner
Michelle S of Illinois
Safe Winner
Darin H of Idaho
Ruger Prize Package #1 Winner
Bill L of Arizona
Ruger Pistol Package #2 Winner
Jeff W of Nevada
Ruger Rifle prize package #3 Winner
Rowland B of Idaho
Nascar 1 Day Prize Package Winner
Cindy C of Arizona
Nascar Weekend...
cowboy hat

Howdy Ma’am – A Cowboy Hat Buying Guide

Are you ready to buy a cowboy hat?
A cowboy hat is a signature mark for those who wear them just like a suit might be for city folk.  Cowboy hats come in all shapes, sizes, materials and of course prices.

You’ll find that most hats are made of a felt material which is usually going to be Beaver or Rabit fur.  Other commonly used material for cowboy hats are wool or straw.  once you start research,  you’ll find that cowboy hats are graded with an “X” rating with the higher signifying a greater quality of animal fur.  So as you would...
Lifestyle Photo

Lifestyle Photo Contest Winners

 Lifestyle Photo Contest winners announced.
C-A-L Ranch Stores are located in the Western United States beginning in the state of Idaho where it originally started 56 years ago.  C-A-L Ranch Stores can also be found in the states of Arizona, Utah and Nevada comprising 23 stores in total.
Our stores carry a large selection of products with the tagline “C-A-L Ranch is a Ranch & Home Store and So Much More!”
This year’s Lifestyle Photo Contest consisted of 6 categories.  Categories were chosen based on attributes of a Farming, Ranch or Western lifestyle.  In each category, winners were selected for first through third...
Farm utility vehicle

What Kind of Farm Utility Vehicle Should You Buy?

A Guide to Farm Utility Vehicles
With so many options out there it can be difficult to sort through the many choices available to you in order to find the right UTV to meet your specific needs.

Makes and models might seem like a sea of endless choices.  But in reality those are not the most import decisions you’ll need to make when choosing the vehicle.  The following choices for any farm utility vehicle will help you narrow your decision down and separate the wheat from the chaff.
Again we went to some experts in researching this topic and found several good articles...
Poison ivy

Poison Ivy and Poison Oak

How to Treat Poison Ivy and Poison Oak

If you’ve ever come into contact with poison plants before and had to deal with the consequences you know first hand how painful it can be.  We went to experts to find out what the best methods were to find specific answers for common questions.
How to Identify Poison Plants

What about my horse and livestock?
Interestingly, Urushiol is not poisonous to horses and livestock but you can certainly be exposed by your horse.  Though the poison ivy may be an inconvenience for you, horses love it and it’s perfectly okay for them to eat it. In some...
water bath canning

Water Bath Canning For Beginners

So you’ve put in a garden this year and you’re ready to try your hand at water bath canning, right? No really it’s not as hard as you might think.  If you’re feeling a little intimated, no worries, this article will help you to enjoy the fruits of your labors long past the growing season.
Water-bath canning is the easiest method for preserving high-acid foods like fruits, tomatoes, and pickled vegetables or salsa. But before you get started, you’ll want to have all of the tools you’re going to need prepped before hand.  Once you have those in place, a step-by-step guide...