Whinny Nicker Horse Treats

Most people wouldn’t take a look at a horse treat or salt lick and begin salivating.  Unless you’re looking at one of Standlee Hay Companies Whinny Nicker Horse Treats.  Ok, so they probably won’t make you wet in the mouth.  Standlee’s Whinny Nicker Horse Treats actually just look like bite sized hay bales.  Bite size for a horse that is.  Not the most appetizing thing for a human but for a horse they are heaven.

Whinny Nicker Horse Treats are produced from Idaho grown “Noxious Weed Free” hay forages, so they are a nutritious treat that won’t throw off a horse’s daily diet.  The treats get their name because of the reaction they get from our equine friends.  Made with human grade cranberries and infused with apple juice, Standlee Hay stands by their claim that your horse will nicker at the fresh, delicious smell of the treat.

Available at C-A-L Ranch Stores in both 3 and 8 pound bags, the Whinny Nicker Horse treat is a healthy choice for positive reinforcement, reward or because your horse asked for it.  For more information on the Whinny Nicker Horse Treats and Standlee visit your local C-A-L Ranch store or Standlee on the web at http://www.standleehay.com.

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