C-A-L Ranch offers a 10% discount on select items to qualified 4-H/FFA participants, and Jr. Rodeo members. Each member who wishes to participate must fill out a program application. All 4-H/FFA and Jr. Rodeo accounts will run from October 1 through September 30, at the end of each program year all accounts are terminated. New forms must be filled out each year for each applicant who wishes to participate..

Receiving the discount is easy! Click on the link below to download/print the application, fill it out, and turn it in to your local C-A-L Ranch Store! All forms must be filled out completely, legibly, and signed by advisor to ensure timely acceptance.


To view specific 4-H/FFA and Jr. Rodeo Discounts, click here.

Please note, discount is given on items that are specific the animal/species designated on application. If participants have two or more show animals/species they must fill out and submit additional forms to receive discounts for additional animal/species.

Some items are not eligible for discounts including but not limited to any wire fencing products with the exception of poultry netting. Any livestock handling equipment, steel t-posts and wood posts, gates, livestock panels (wire or tube), and saddles are also excluded.