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Aquavista Water - 20 oz

  • Great-tasting water
  • Pulled from the Madison Aquifer
  • Filtered for maximum purity

Pepsi’s Aquavista water is clean artesian well water packaged in a handy 20 oz bottle. The artesian well gets its water from the Madison Aquifer located 4,700 feet underground, which produces over 5 million gallons per day.

The aquifer the water is pulled from is a naturally formed underground chamber that contains many layers of volcanic rock that the water passes through, filtering it naturally by limiting the entry of contaminants into the aquifer. This permeation pressurizes the area and when penetrated by a well, the water is pushed up and out, the wellhead pressure measuring about 140 psi to 210 psi.

Aquavista water is then transported from the well to the production facility where it undergoes additional filtration through two-micron filters and is finally bottled and sold for you to enjoy!

It has a shelf life of 2 years from its production date, so you can build up your water storage with great-tasting water.

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