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  1. Queso Blanco Dip

    Queso Blanco Dip

    Need the perfect dip? Well look no further! We’ve got you covered with this creamy, tangy, Queso Blanco Dip! You can never go wrong with dip at any party, backyard bbq, or everyday dinner. Don’t worry about leftovers! This will be gone in minutes. Or make double so you can make our Pulled Pork Nachos. Recipe also found on our...

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  2. Jar of Nothing for Those Difficult Gifts

    Jar of Nothing for Those Difficult Gifts

    We’ve all been there! They said they wanted nothing… “NOTHING” for their Birthday, Anniversary, Graduation, or even Christmas. And now it is up to you to try figure out if they really meant nothing or if they want a real gift but didn’t want to give any hints.  Well, we have great news for you! We have the solution so...

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  3. Sweet & Spicy Hungry Jack Hashbrowns

    Sweet & Spicy Hungry Jack Hashbrowns

    Quick and Easy Sweet & Spicy Hungry Jack Hashbrowns You may have tried Hungry Jack Hashbrowns.  If you haven't you really are missing out. They are ready in minutes, just add water and fry them up to get diner-style hashbrowns for the family. Sometimes you want a little variety though. Wait until you try these Sweet & Spicy Hungry Jack...

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  4. Introducing Wildology: A Super Pet Food

    Introducing Wildology: A Super Pet Food

    Meet Wildology Pet food; Super Pet Food for Super Pets "What is a SUPERLIFE for a pet?" Wildology believes that it's when your pet is doing what they love best: playing, fetching, running, hiking, chasing, and climbing. Happy pets are healthy and full of energy, and what you feed them affects this. Wildology pet food is stuffed with all of the...

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  5. Baking Cookies on the Smoker

    Baking Cookies on the Smoker

    Cookies on the Smoker Taste AMAZING! Avid smokers (I'm talking smoker grills) will tell you that everything tastes better smoked. Some who may be considering getting into smoking, may feel a bit intrepid, because of the time and prep work that goes into smoking. You hear about people waking up early to get some meat on the smoker, that won't...

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  6. DIY: Candy Tackle Boxes

    DIY: Candy Tackle Boxes

    How to Make  A Candy Tackle Box Want to get creative with your gift ideas for the fisherman in your life? Sometimes it is nice to mix things up. If you are looking for something new and fresh to gift, look no farther, C-A-L Ranch is here to share a great idea for for any occasion. These candy tackle boxes are...

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  7. Super Easy Popcorn Gift Jars

    Super Easy Popcorn Gift Jars

    Super Easy Popcorn Gift Jars for any Occasion Are you looking for an easy gift to pass out to your kids' teachers or your new neighbors? These Super Easy popcorn gift jars are perfect for any occasion, and they are so easy to make. Plus you can find everything you need at your local C-A-L Ranch store. Materials needed: Mason...

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  8. Cold-Weather Grilling Tips

    Cold-Weather Grilling Tips

    Pro Cold-Weather Grilling Tips: It may be cold outside, but that doesn't mean that you have to put your grill away. We want to share some great cold-weather grilling tips with you to keep all you grill-masters in top shape. Select a prime spot for your grill: Place your grill away from the wind and other elements, when possible, allowing...

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  9. Putting together a Winter Kit for your Car or Truck

    Putting together a Winter Kit for your Car or Truck

    For those of us in colder climates, winter is here bringing with it snow, cold, and lots of fun. We snowbound people love our winters. We get anxious for that perfect powder each year. When the snow falls, we are out with our skis, sleds, and winter toys. There is so much fun to be had when the snow hits...

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