archives: october 2016

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  1. Five Ways to Use Your Old Jack O' Lantern

    Five Ways to Use Your Old Jack O' Lantern

    Here at C-A-L Ranch, we love carving pumpkins as much as the next person. It's one of those Halloween traditions we look forward to all year. Unfortunately, Jack O' Lanterns start to mold and stink up our doorsteps after a couple weeks. It won't be long until we start seeing rotting pumpkins smashed across streets and sidewalks. Sure, smashing...

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  2. How to House Train a Puppy

    How to House Train a Puppy

    Many people have high expectations when they first bring home a puppy. You anticipate the puppy’s warm snuggles, wet nose, and the joy and entertainment he brings to your family. If you’ve had a puppy before, you may have forgotten the difficult the less fun parts of puppyhood. If this is your first puppy, you’ll quickly find out it’s...

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  3. How to Carve a Pumpkin

    How to Carve a Pumpkin

    People have been carving pumpkins in America for centuries. The tradition originates from Irish folklore. The Irish would carve out turnips and potatoes to ward off the mythical Stingy Jack and other evil spirits. When Irish settlers came to America, they found pumpkins and decided to use those instead. Americans have been carving Jack O'Lanterns...

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  4. DIY Leaf Removal

    DIY Leaf Removal

    Removing fall leaves can be a daunting task, especially if you've got a large yard. Even if you have a small yard or live in a subdivision, it can still be quite the chore. Many people opt to hire a service to remove their leaves. While this may be easier on your back, it's harder on your wallet. Plus saving...

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  5. How to Make Deer Jerky

    How to Make Deer Jerky

    Making Deer Jerky In Your Oven Some people love hunting just for the sport, but for most of us it’s all about the meat and what you can do with it. When it comes to venison, making deer jerky is one of our favorite things to do. Making jerky may seem like a daunting task. Many people think you need...

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  6. Preparing for Natural Disasters and Emergencies

    Preparing for Natural Disasters and Emergencies

    Basic Emergency Preparations With Hurricane Matthew approaching the east coast, many families are having to evacuate their homes and head for higher ground. Although most of us out west don't have to worry about hurricanes, this storm is a reminder that we need to prepare our families for other natural disasters and emergencies. Many of our folks...

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