Here at C-A-L Ranch, we love that time of year when we get to hear the little peeps of the baby chicks in our stores! Every spring our stores get ready for these little ones.

Here is a list of the chick breeds that we stock in our stores:

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Chick Tank Cards 4x6_Fall 20208


Chick Tank Cards 4x6_Fall 20207


Chick Tank Cards 4x6_Fall 20206


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Chick Tank Cards 4x6_Fall 20204


Chick Tank Cards 4x6_Fall 20203


Chick Tank Cards 4x6_Fall 20202


Chick Tank Cards 4x6_Fall 2020


Chick Tank Cards 4x6


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Here's the s'coop. Chick breeds vary by store. We get chicks every Thursday, Friday, and some Saturdays. The majority of chicks arrive on Friday. Visit your local store on Friday late-morning or early afternoon, and there's a good chance chicks will be there. As with most live animals things change often, and we do our best to keep things as accurate as possible—check our website weekly.

Once you have decided on the breed(s) that you want to take home, here is a list of everything you will need to care for your new chick(s).

2020 Chick Checklist 3.5x8.5_01

HooversCareGuide - Hoover Hatchery has some great information to help you be prepared to take care of your baby chick(s) at home.  Make sure to learn more about care and feeding requirements before purchasing a baby chick.

C-A-L Ranch also offers Chick Tours to local kindergarten and 1st-grade classes in our communities. If you'd like to bring a class into one of our stores please Click here for more information.