How to Make  A Candy Tackle Box

Want to get creative with your gift ideas for the fisherman in your life? Sometimes it is nice to mix things up. If you are looking for something new and fresh to gift, look no farther, C-A-L Ranch is here to share a great idea for for any occasion. These candy tackle boxes are incredibly easy to make, and are super fun for Dad. Everyone will "o-FISH-ally" love this gift. Don't worry, we have everything that you need at your local C-A-L Ranch! Bonus: The tackle box for organizing whatever they want when they are done!

What you need:

  • Tackle box (We carry a variety of tackles to choose from. Large, small, and adjustable compartments. Pick one they can use later.)
  • Dad's favorite candy (Don't forget, we have all of the favorites!)
  • Don't forget the worms... gummy worms that is!
  • Bobbers
  • String/Twine

How it works:

Step 1:

Wash the tackle box in the sink by hand. Tackle boxes may not be dishwasher safe.

Step 2:

Open each of the bags of Dad's favorite candies.

Step 3:

Fill the slots with the candy. Try to have fun with it and organize the candy by color or size. Think what fishing tackle the candy is like and place it where you think it would go in a real tackle box.

Step 4:

Close the tackle box and tie the string/twine around the tackle box.

Step 5:

Push the button on the top of the bobber to expose the clip on the bottom and hook the clip to the string/twine.

Bonus Step 1:

Write a personalized note on the paper tag.

Bonus Step 2:

Slide the paper tag on to the string/twine.

This DIY project is so easy, so fun, and perfect for kids. They can help shop and will love putting them together, and they will be so excited to give it, because they made it. You can be sure they will love helping enjoy this gift too!