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  1. Chicken Feed - Everything You Need To Know

    Chicken Feed - Everything You Need To Know

    You finally made the choice to buy chicks! A home, feeder, and waterer are set up for them, but how do you decide what kind of chicken feed to use? There are so many different kinds! I’m going to tell you about the different kinds of feeds and the pros and cons of each to help you narrow your search...

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  2. C-A-L Ranch Chicks

    C-A-L Ranch Chicks

    Here at C-A-L Ranch, we love when that time of year comes around when we get to hear the little peeps of the baby chicks in our stores! Every spring we get our stores ready for these little ones. We have partnered with Hoover Hatchery to get you all the information you need to know to take these chicks home...

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  3. K9 Honey - Natural Canine Food Supplement

    K9 Honey - Natural Canine Food Supplement

    K9 Honey, Natural Health Supplement for Dogs We’ve all heard the benefits of eating raw natural honey. It helps with weight management, it helps relieve pollen allergies, it’s a natural energy source, tons of antioxidants, helps with sleep, reduces recovery time in healing wounds and ulcers, is a natural cough syrup and MORE! So why not give...

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  4. Benefits of Eating Locally Harvested Honey

    Benefits of Eating Locally Harvested Honey

    It's no secret that honey is a great sweetener with benefits that sugar just can't compete with. But did you know that raw honey -- or locally harvested honey -- can give you even more benefits than store-bought? We sure did! That's why we're bringing locally harvested honey into select C-A-L Ranch Stores. Keep reading to learn more about the...

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  5. Exercising Your Dog in the Winter

    Exercising Your Dog in the Winter

    The leaves finished falling a while ago. If you live in the north, you probably look outside to see a blanket of snow; in the south, the air is brisker and you're probably spending more time indoors. Likewise, your dog isn't enjoying the freedom of warm weather and long walks these days. Being cooped inside a house all winter can make your dog...

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  6. How to Set Up a Beehive

    How to Set Up a Beehive

    Chances are if you're reading this you're either considering ordering bees or you already have. Before you receive your bees, you need to have the hive set up and ready to go. Failure to transport the bees into the hive within 24 hours can be damaging. But don't worry -- setting up a hive is simple and easy! Keep reading for instructions on how to...

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  7. Everything You Need to Start Beekeeping

    Everything You Need to Start Beekeeping

    Beekeeping can seem like an overwhelming hobby for beginners. Truthfully, beekeeping is a relatively easy pastime that rewards hobbyists by providing honey and helping to pollinate gardens and flowerbeds. As with any hobby, starting up can be an expensive and daunting task. Before you order your hive, you need to make sure you have all the...

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  8. Pick the Best Puppy Food

    Pick the Best Puppy Food

    Bringing home a new puppy is a rewarding and exciting experience. What a lot of people don't talk about is how it's also confusing, especially if you're a first-time puppy parent. Most common puppy care questions will hit you as you're pushing your cart down the pet aisle. You'll see tons of different dog foods and each one claims it's the...

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  9. Feeding and Watering Horses in Winter

    Feeding and Watering Horses in Winter

    Horses have different nutrition requirements in cold winter months than they do the rest of the year. First of all, horses get much of their nutrition from forage and pasture grazing. These resources start to die out in winter, so owners must provide an alternative forage source. Because of this, horses' water intake is also affected. Feeding...

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  10. How to House Train a Puppy

    How to House Train a Puppy

    Many people have high expectations when they first bring home a puppy. You anticipate the puppy’s warm snuggles, wet nose, and the joy and entertainment he brings to your family. If you’ve had a puppy before, you may have forgotten the difficult the less fun parts of puppyhood. If this is your first puppy, you’ll quickly find out it’s...

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