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backyard farming

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  1. Chicken Feed - Everything You Need To Know

    Chicken Feed - Everything You Need To Know

    You finally made the choice to buy chicks! A home, feeder, and waterer are set up for them, but how do you decide what kind of chicken feed to use? There are so many different kinds! I’m going to tell you about the different kinds of feeds and the pros and cons of each to help you narrow your search...

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  2. Fall Chicks Are Here!

    Fall Chicks Are Here!

    Get Your Fall Chicks Flock Started Now However, Fall or Winter can be successful seasons to get a jump start on next year’s flock. There are advantages to getting Fall chicks instead of waiting for springtime. Listed below are a few of them.  You can get chicks at all 25 of our store locations! Find your local store, here Tentative Store...

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  3. Benefits of Eating Local Raw Harvested Honey

    Benefits of Eating Local Raw Harvested Honey

    Why Local Raw Honey Is Good For You It's no secret raw honey is a great sweetener with benefits that sugar just can't compete with. But did you know that raw honey — or locally harvested honey — can give you even more benefits than store-bought? We sure did! That's why we're bringing locally harvested honey into select C-A-L Ranch Stores. Keep...

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  4. How to Maintain a Beehive

    How to Maintain a Beehive

    If you're reading this, chances are you're thinking about becoming a beekeeper. Beekeeping is a rewarding hobby, and it's not as overwhelming as it seems. Not only does it help the environment by bolstering the bee population, but you also get free honey out of it! Maintaining a beehive is a relatively simple process, from setting up the hive to...

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  5. The Difference Between Italian and Carniolan Honey Bees

    The Difference Between Italian and Carniolan Honey Bees

    Most people don't realize that there are several different types of honey bees out there, which can make starting your hive a confusing process. You may have thought all honey bees were the same, but different species have specific traits and characteristics. Some species produce more honey, bigger hives, and some are more aggressive. Choose a...

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  6. How to Set Up a Beehive

    How to Set Up a Beehive

    Chances are if you're reading this you're either considering ordering bees or you already have. Before you receive your bees, you need to have the hive set up and ready to go. Failure to transport the bees into the hive within 24 hours can be damaging. But don't worry — setting up a hive is simple and easy! Keep reading for instructions on how...

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  7. Everything You Need to Start Beekeeping

    Everything You Need to Start Beekeeping

    Beekeeping can seem like an overwhelming hobby for beginners. Truthfully, beekeeping is a relatively easy pastime that rewards hobbyists by providing honey and helping to pollinate gardens and flowerbeds. As with any hobby, starting up can be an expensive and daunting task. Before you order your hive, you need to make sure you have all the...

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  8. Raising Backyard Goats

    Raising Backyard Goats

    Raising Backyard Goats Have Many Benefits Backyard Goats can provide milk and meat for the whole family. You can also use their fur to spin your own yarn or sell the fibers to companies who would do the same. You can also leash-train your goat so you can take them along on hikes and use them as pack animals. Raising...

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  9. Raising Backyard Chickens

    Raising Backyard Chickens

    The benefits of raising  backyard chickens They say fashion trends seem to cycle back around every 20 years or so. Well, comebacks aren't just for fashion fads -- chicken keeping is finally becoming popular again. The practice was common in the early 1900's before the industrialization and mass production of food, the popularity of refrigerators...

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