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  1. C-A-L Ranch Chicks

    C-A-L Ranch Chicks

    Here at C-A-L Ranch, we love when that time of year comes around when we get to hear the little peeps of the baby chicks in our stores! Every spring we get our stores ready for these little ones. We have partnered with Hoover Hatchery to get you all the information you need to know to take these chicks home...

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  2. Queso Blanco Dip

    Queso Blanco Dip

    Need the perfect dip? Well look no further! We’ve got you covered with this creamy, tangy, Queso Blanco Dip! You can never go wrong with dip at any party, backyard bbq, or everyday dinner. Don’t worry about leftovers! This will be gone in minutes. Or make double so you can make our Pulled Pork Nachos. Recipe also found on our...

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  3. Introducing Wildology: A Super Pet Food

    Introducing Wildology: A Super Pet Food

    Meet Wildology Pet food; Super Pet Food for Super Pets "What is a SUPERLIFE for a pet?" Wildology believes that it's when your pet is doing what they love best: playing, fetching, running, hiking, chasing, and climbing. Happy pets are healthy and full of energy, and what you feed them affects this. Wildology pet food is stuffed with all of the...

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  4. Dehydrated Food - A Guide To Making Your Own

    Dehydrated Food - A Guide To Making Your Own

    Dehydrating food is a great way to preserve food and it tastes great too.  So what is dehydrated food? Food drying is a method of food preservation in which food is dried. Drying inhibits the growth of bacteria, yeasts, and mold through the removal of water. (Wikipedia)  When considering ways to store food, dehydration is a great option.  This...

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  5. RV Pre-Trip Checklist - Do This Before Your Next Road Trip

    RV Pre-Trip Checklist - Do This Before Your Next Road Trip

    Is Your RV Ready To Go Have Fun? School is out, the sun is shining, the days are longer, and nights are getting warmer. It is finally time to get the RV ready and head out on the open road. CAL Ranch is dedicated to making sure that your travel plans this summer are memorable and worry-free.  It doesn’t matter...

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  6. Cook The Perfect Western Style Sirloin Steak

    Cook The Perfect Western Style Sirloin Steak

     Pan Seared Western Style Sirloin: Ingredients: Two 8-10oz Sirloin Steaks Bottle of Hi-Mountain Steak Western Style Seasoning 1 Tbsp. Olive oil ¼ Cup Butter Materials: One 12” Cast Iron Skillet One Pair tongs Large Spoon One Cutting Board One metal Pot Directions: Pre-cooking preparation: Bring your sirloin steaks to room temperature on a clean...

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  7. How To Make Your Own Soap

    How To Make Your Own Soap

    Simple Recipes to Make Your Own Soap Skin is the biggest organ we have. The skin protects the body but it also absorbs anything that is put on it. Whether it’s natural or toxic, it absorbs into your skin and bloodstream. Why not control what ingredients go into your skin by learning how to make your own soap? It is...

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  8. Picking A Calving Season

    Picking A Calving Season

    Many farms follow their current calving schedule simply because that's always how it's been done. But as more and more farms begin to diversify their operations (producing calves and crops throughout the year), some farmers are beginning to wonder if they should switch up their calving seasons. Figuring out which calving season to choose can be...

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  9. Chicken Feed - Everything You Need To Know

    Chicken Feed - Everything You Need To Know

    You finally made the choice to buy chicks! A home, feeder, and waterer are set up for them, but how do you decide what kind of chicken feed to use? There are so many different kinds! I’m going to tell you about the different kinds of feeds and the pros and cons of each to help you narrow your search...

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  10. Sporting Dog Health In The Field

    Sporting Dog Health In The Field

    SPORTING DOG HEALTH: YOUR FIRST LINE OF DEFENSE IN THE FIELD The fall colors are fast approaching which means the bird-hunting season is right around the corner. For those discerning hunters that chase their tail-wagging companions around, it is important to recognize the environmental elements a sporting dog can face afield and the precautionary...

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