Pro Cold-Weather Grilling Tips:

It may be cold outside, but that doesn't mean that you have to put your grill away. We want to share some great cold-weather grilling tips with you to keep all you grill-masters in top shape.

Select a prime spot for your grill:

Place your grill away from the wind and other elements, when possible, allowing 5-10 feet from wall. Do not move the grill inside an enclosure like a garage, even with the doors open. This is an unnecessary fire hazard.

Dress for success:

You are going to be in the cold, so dress the part. However, snow gloves are not a substitute for grilling gloves.

Clear a path: 

The last thing you want is to slip carrying your meal. Make sure to remove all snow and ice before you begin grilling.

Prep with extra fuel:

The cold air means longer grilling times. Not only will it take longer to heat up, but cooking time can be increased by 5-10 minutes. Extra fuel can be the difference between a properly cooked meal, or a last minute meal plan.

Control the heat:

Remember it is cold outside. It is going to take longer for your grill to heat, and when you are grilling keep the lid closed as much as possible. The more it is open, the less heat you will be cooking with, and it may cook unevenly.

Grill what you know:

Because cold weather grilling is so different from summer grilling, it may not be the best time to experiment.

Don't loose that heat:

Warm a ceramic or cast iron pan inside, to minimize heat loss as you transfer your meal from the grill to the heated pan.

There you have it. 7 super tips to keep you grilling in any season. Because you are a grill-master