Dehydrating food is a great way to preserve food and it tastes great too.  So what is dehydrated food? Food drying is a method of food preservation in which food is dried. Drying inhibits the growth of bacteria, yeasts, and mold through the removal of water. (Wikipedia)  When considering ways to store food, dehydration is a great option.  This article will go over some simple ways to make dehydrated food.  We hope you enjoy, Bon Appetite!

There are a couple have ways to dehydrate food.  The first is an oven followed by a food dehydrator.  Harnessing the power of the Sun is also an option.   Here is a great article from a proven homesteading blog to help explain > (Mother Earth News)

Some great food to dehydrate include, fruits, vegetables, and meats.  The latter is better known as jerky. Here's a great recipe (

You can even make your own DIY food Dehydrator > (Homestead Survival)
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How to Dehydrate Food Without a Dehydrator 

Use Your Oven. It's remarkably easy to dehydrate fruits and veggies in the oven. Just turn it to the lowest setting, cut your fruit and veg into ¼ inch slices, and put them in the oven on a lined sheet pan for as long as they need, usually 6 to 8 hours.
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How long does it take to dehydrate food?

Dehydrating took about 10 hours. Chips would likely take 15-20 hours. With a full food dehydrator, expect longer times, like 15 hours for dried bananas. If you go too long on accident and don't like the tough texture, keep going until you get too crunchy “chips” as long as you sliced thinly.
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Why do you use a food dehydrator?

dehydrator is a tool that uses low temperatures and a fan to dry food. It essentially removes the water from food, but it keeps the enzymes of your raw food intact. In my opinion, dehydrated foods are not the easiest thing for your body to digest: it's not the closest thing to nature.
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What is the best temperature to dehydrate food?

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Most foods are dehydrated at temperatures of 130 °F, or 54 °C, although meats being made into jerky should be dehydrated at a higher temperature of 155 °F, or 68 °C, or preheated to those temperature levels, to guard against pathogens that may be in the meat.

Soak fruit for 10 minutes, drain and blot dry with a lint-free towel. Preheat the oven to 130-160 degrees F. Use a lower temperature for thinly sliced fruits such as apples or peaches. Strawberries and other whole berries love the higher heat. Place parchment paper onto sheet pans.
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We hope this helped to get you on the path to dehydrating food.  Thanks, for stopping by the Ranch.