Meet Wildology Pet food; Super Pet Food for Super Pets

"What is a SUPERLIFE for a pet?" Wildology believes that it's when your pet is doing what they love best: playing, fetching, running, hiking, chasing, and climbing. Happy pets are healthy and full of energy, and what you feed them affects this. Wildology pet food is stuffed with all of the good stuff with no room for the junk. So grab a bag and experience a SUPERLIFE with your pet.

What makes Wildology SUPER?

For starters, real sources of protein like lamb, beef, salmon, and chicken. That is not all though, the unique blend of probiotics and superfoods make up the patent pending SUPERLIFE PRO, which every bag proudly bears, letting you know you are giving your pet a great feed that promotes good health. The probiotics help by supporting a balance of good and bad bacteria in the gut to support overall wellness. Superfoods; like kale, chia seeds, pumpkin, blueberries, and coconut are rich in nutrients and antioxidants that help support whole body health and build a strong immune system. Look for the SUPERLIFE PRO seal to give your pet the boost they need to feel truly healthy, happy, and full of life.

Why Superfoods?

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Superfoods are foods that have been linked to various health benefits. Each superfood ingredient included in Wildology pet food has been picked for specific benefits.

  • Kale– Rich in plant-based phytonutrients, supports overall wellness
  • Pumpkin– Source of soluble & insoluble fiber, supports digestive & gut health
  • Coconut– Rich in healthy fat, easy to digest, supports skin & coat health
  • Chia seeds– Source of omega 3 fatty acids for healthy skin & coat
  • Blueberries– High in vitamins & antioxidants, supports a healthy lifestyle
  • Carrots– Provide plant-based nutrients, supports whole body health

Tailored to Your Pet

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You will notice the name of the formula on each bag relates to a certain activity. This name can be a reference to the activity level of your pet. What you will really want to know when selecting a bag can be found at the top. Here you will find the recommended life stage of the pet and breeds for the feed. "Hike," for example is tailored to all breeds at all stages of life, where "Play" is tailored to puppies of all breeds.

Next to the name you can see the primary source of protein. You can pick your pets' favorite, and take comfort knowing that they are getting real meats and other real sources of protein. Near the bottom you will see what you will never find in a bag of Wildology pet food. You will never find any common allergens: wheat, corn, soy nor artificial colors, flavors, or preservatives.

With all of the love and dedication that Wildology has crafted into their feed, you can take comfort knowing that you are giving your pet a SUPERLIFE.