Holiday Craft DIY - Canning Lid Pumpkin

I love Fall. The smells, the sweater weather, the hot cocoa, and the colors and in my area of Idaho that includes canning.  Knowing how to can and putting your canning knowledge to good use, is a great way to help sustain your families food storage supply. If you've never canned before visit our blog article “Top 5 Reasons Why You Should Start Canning Today!

But what if you do can and have leftover canning lids this DIY craft project might be a fun way to usher in the Fall season. Today we are going to teach you how to make a cute Halloween canning lid pumpkin using your leftover canning lids!

To begin, you will need the following:

canning lid pumpkin

20 Canning lids (not all shown)
Yarn, (recommend orange yarn)
3-5 cinnamon sticks
1 can of orange spray paint
Craft Glue

Next, you’ll want to spray paint all your lids. We picked a more burnt orange instead of a bright orange. But that is completely personal preference. We were only able to find the color we wanted In the model section so the spray paint we bought wasn’t for metal. I believe that is the reason my paint started flaking off of the lids. So be careful when choosing the type of paint you want to buy.

We ended up needing 2 coats of paint. Once the paint is dry, you are ready to assemble your project. This took two sets of hands. One to hold all the lids, and the other to string the yarn through them.

canning lid pumpkin

You want to pull your yarn very tight and tie a knot but be careful, we pulled the string too tight the first time and it broke and the lids flew everywhere haha.  The second time, we didn’t tie it tight enough. The third time was the charm!

Once they are all tied together, you’ll just wiggle and move the lids around until you are satisfied with the position of the lids lastly, we broke some cinnamon sticks into different sizes and glued them together so they wouldn’t move, before putting them in the center of the pumpkin.  Vuala! Your project is complete!

canning lid pumpkin

We hope you have great success with this project. Thanks for stopping by the Ranch.


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