For those of us in colder climates, winter is here bringing with it snow, cold, and lots of fun. We snowbound people love our winters. We get anxious for that perfect powder each year. When the snow falls, we are out with our skis, sleds, and winter toys. There is so much fun to be had when the snow hits the ground, but winter can be a dangerous season. Slick roads and poor visibility can definitely slow us down. So when the snow flies make sure that you are ready with a complete winter safety kit in your car. Don’t forget we have all of these items at your local C-A-L Ranch Store.


When you get stuck in snow and your tires are just spinning, you know that you are not going anywhere. Even a strong push may not be enough. Digging out the compacted snow around the tires can get you going again.

Warm gear

Gloves, coat, warm hat, boots, and a good winter coat.  Think of what you would take with you on your adventure. If you are stuck out in the cold you are not going to want to be without proper winter gear. You may want to consider keeping a battery operated heating jacket.

Blanket or thermal blanket

You made the call, a friend or tow truck in en route. You don’t want to waste gas so you turn the car off while you wait, and it might be a long wait. A thick blanket or at the very least a thermal blanket can keep you warm while you wait. The goal here is to keep warm. Hand warmers are a great idea too!

Snacks and water

Speaking of how long the wait could be some food with a long expiration date, like jerky or nuts and some water can really make the difference. This will be something you will definitely want if you are playing in areas where phone service may be spotty.

Chain or tow rope

Perhaps a Good Samaritan will come upon your stranded vehicle, or perhaps you are the Good Samaritan, you should keep a strong chain or tow rope in your vehicle to drag or be dragged out.

Spare gas tank

I definitely recommend refilling your tank long before you get close to empty. Anywhere from a quarter tank even up to a half tank during the winter season, but you may consider including a spare gas tank with your kit. Just in case you run on empty while you’re out.


Lastly, you will want a good container to store your kit. A smaller tote or waterproof bag work great. You just want to make sure that it takes as little space as possible but is still large enough to fit all of your kit items.

It is also a great idea to plan for anyone else who may be in the car. If you have kids or anyone else in the car you should have enough warm gear, food, and water for them. The last thing that you want is to give your warm clothes to them while you are out trying to get your vehicle out of the snow. Stay safe this winter!