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FAQ for C-A-L Cash

1. C-A-L Cash Dates:

EARN: On April 24, 2018 ONLY!

REDEEM: On May 1, 2018 through May 7, 2018 ONLY!

2. What is C-A-L Cash?

Periodically, C-A-L Ranch will run a promotion that will allow you to earn C-A-L Cash with your purchases. C-A-L Cash can be used on future purchases during our C-A-L Cash week (which will be printed on the C-A-L Cash coupon.)

3. When can I earn C-A-L Cash?

Earn on April 24th only!

4. How do I earn C-A-L Cash?

Every $100 spent in one of our C-A-L Ranch locations, you receive $15 in C-A-L Cash.

5. When will I receive my C-A-L Cash?

You will receive your $15 C-A-L Cash voucher with your $100 purchase on April 24, 2018.

6. How do I redeem C-A-L Cash coupon(s)?

Between May 1 and May 7, 2018, use the C-A-L Cash when you are purchasing your items as you would a coupon or as cash.

7. Is there a minimum purchase amount to redeem C-A-L Cash?

You must purchase at least the amount of C-A-L Cash redeemed. For example, if you are redeeming a $15 C-A-L Cash coupon, you must purchase $15 in merchandise. There will be no change or credit for transactions less than the C-A-L Cash amount.

8. Does C-A-L Cash expire?

Yes. It can only be redeemed on May 1st through May 7th of 2018. Any date before or after will not be accepted.

9. Where do I redeem C-A-L Cash?

At any of our 25 C-A-L Ranch locations.

10. Can I use these on the C-A-L Ranch website?

No. This is an in-store only promotion.

11. Are there any limitations or exclusions?

Yes. C-A-L Cash cannot be used on game licenses or C-A-L Ranch gift cards. C-A-L Cash cannot be used with any other offer beside C-A-L Cash. Exclusions are subject to change at any time by C-A-L Ranch.

12. Can I use more than one C-A-L Cash coupon on the same purchase?

Yes. There is no limit on how many C-A-L Cash coupons you can use, but the purchase amount must be equal or greater than the amount of C-A-L Cash you are redeeming.

13. Is there a limit on how much C-A-L Cash I can earn?

No, you will receive $15 in C-A-L Cash for every $100 spent on April 24, 2018. For example, you will receive $30 for a $200 purchase, $45 for a $300 purchase, and so on.

14. Can I earn C-A-L Cash with an online purchase?

No, C-A-L Cash can only be earned at one of our 25 stores.

15. Can C-A-L Cash be used on clearance items?

Yes, C-A-L Cash can be used on any regular or clearance priced items.