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Coghlan's Hammock Tree Straps – 9’

  • Extends the length of included hammock ropes
  • Features a widened nylon sheath to protect trees from damage
  • Includes two 9’ straps with adjustable length and a storage pouch

Coghlan’s Hammock Tree Straps are the perfect choice for you if you go hammocking often.

Features of Coghlan’s Hammock Tree Straps

If you have ever wanted to hang your hammock between two trees and not had long enough ropes, then Coghlan’s Hammock Tree Straps are for you. These tree straps will extend the length of the ropes included with your hammock so that it is easier to hang your hammock in various locations.

These tree straps feature a widened nylon sheath that will protect trees from damage and improve your hammocking experience.

There are two 9’ knotted hammock straps included in this package. They have an adjustable length. A pouch for storing the hammock tree straps is included.

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