Coops & Feathers XL Wooden Hen Coop - 84" x 40" x 57"

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  • Includes 3 doors for maximum access
  • Can hold 6 chickens with plenty of room
  • Contains 3 nesting bays

Provide your chickens with the Coops & Feathers XL Wooden Hen Coop, an extra large, roofed-in chicken coop to protect them from animals and the elements. With a cozy roost and nesting area, your chickens can snuggle together in the colder weather or get out of the hot sun when it's warm. A peaked roof is ideal for rainy places so that water can run off, protecting your birds and keeping them happy and healthy.

Features of Coops & Feathers XL Wooden Hen Coop

  • Features a run, roost area, and roost bar
  • 3 nest box bays
  • 3 access doors

A larger run allows space for more chickens. A bar is included in the pen area for additional roosting. The roof is made with asphalt for durability and water resistance. This run includes 3 total doors.

One door allows access to the roosting area. The other two open in the run. One door opens on the bottom half, the other one opens overhead. When you leave the bottom door closed you can feed the chickens through the upper door. This allows easier feeding of your chickens while keeping them contained. 

Allow your chickens to free range during the day with both doors opens. At night, lock them in to protect them from predators.

The nest area includes bays for 3 chickens at a time. This extra large run can contain up to 6 chickens at a time.

Measures: 84" x 40" x 57". The whole coop weighs 127 lbs

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