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The Shed Yard Medium Chicken Coop - 18.3 cu ft

  • Includes a chicken door and a man door for cleaning
  • Provide fresh air with a screened window
  • Includes 3 nesting bays and 2 roost bars

Raising chickens can take time and energy, with lots of hard work. You must nourish your farm birds with grain and water, provide nesting boxes for eggs and muck out their coop when it gets dirty. Free range chickens are even more of a task.

Out in the open, they roam free. They tend to lay their eggs in hidden, hard to reach places. Roaming free leaves them prey to the wild animals that come through your yard and you may lose chickens to coyotes and skunks.

Provide your chickens with this deluxe Red and White Chicken Coop, a medium sized roofed in chicken coop with all of the features. With two cozy roost bars and 3 bay nesting area, your chickens can snuggle together in the colder weather, or get out of the hot sun when it is warm. The slanted roof is ideal for rainy places, where water can run off, protecting your birds and keeping them happy and healthy.


  • Cozy roost area
  • 3 Nest box bays, Nest acces lid
  • 2 Roost bars
  • 1 Access door, and 1 Chicken door
  • Vents for proper ventilation
  • Screened windows for fresh air

An access lid has been included in the nesting area for easy retrieval of eggs, without alerting all of the chickens to your presence. Another door allows chickens access to the ramp that leads down to the ground outside. A man door is included on the back side for easy cleaning and specific chicken access.

Vents are included throughout the coop to allows proper ventilation in close quarters. A window above the nesting bays is screened in. Leave this window open to provide fresh air, or close to protect from the elements. The screen window will limit the bugs that enter the coop.

Allow your chickens to free range during the day with the chicken door. At night, lock them in to protect from predators.

The nest area includes bays for up 3 chickens to nest at a time.

Measures: 50 1/4" L x 52 1/2" W x 62 1/4" H

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