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Pet Center Bullywrap with Jerky Dog Treat

  • Contains all-natural ingredients and slow cooked in its own juices
  • Lasts longer than rawhide treats
  • Builds jaw strength and boosts oral health

The Pet Center Bully Wrap Dog Treat is good for all dog breeds and ages so long as your puppy can chew hard food. This treat will last longer than rawhide treats, keeping your canine busier for longer periods of time. The Pet Center Bully Wrap Dog Treat is also healthier than rawhide treats. The treat is 100% beef jerky wrapped around an all-natural beef pizzle: a high-protein, low-fat treat for your dog that is natural and free from unhealthy chemicals, additives, and preservatives.

Not only is it a healthy treat, but it is also good for the overall dental health of your canine. The chewing motion massages your dog’s gums and removes tarter build-up on teeth, decreasing the chances that your dog will develop inflammation in its gums. Importantly, the treat will not splinter, so it will not harm your dog’s mouth. The Pet Center Bully Wrap Dog Treat is also easily digestible, so it will not cause stomach problems for your dog.

Last but certainly not least, the treats are slow cooked in their own juices to provide ultimate flavor that your dog will enjoy every time he or she deserves a treat. You can use the treat to reward your dog’s good behavior, as a bonus after your dog performs a difficult trick or completes a difficult training session, and to build your dog’s jaw strength and boost oral health.

Pet Center Bully Wrap Dog Treats are fresh for 3 years and are made in the USA.

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