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Westinghouse Lighting 250-Watt Soft Glass Heat Bulb – 2 Pack

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  • Clear or red finish 250-Watt non-stick bulbs
  • Coated base prevents socket corrosion
  • Average of 5000 hours of heat

The Westinghouse Lighting 250-Watt Soft Glass Heat Bulb is a cost-effective choice to keep your animals warm in the winter during cold nights or to heat certain areas of your home or a building.

Features of the Westinghouse Lighting 250-Watt Soft Glass Heat Bulb

The bulb is an R40 infrared heat light bulb and is available in a clear or red finish. The infrared bulb will emit heat that can be absorbed by surrounding objects, animals, or people. You can choose whether the clear or red finish would be best for your situation.

These bulbs are non-stick and have a coated base to prevent the corrosion of the sockets in the light fixture. This is important because the heat bulb, the light fixture, or both could fail if corrosion on the sockets occurs, and then one or both could need to be replaced. Because this bulb has a coated base, you can depend on it to last up to an average of 5000 rated hours. There is no need for you to worry about corrosion shortening the life of the bulb.

These heat bulbs operate at extremely HOT temperatures, so be careful when handling or replacing them. The 2 pack will ensure that you have a backup bulb for when the first one needs to be replaced.

Uses for the Westinghouse Lighting 250-Watt Soft Glass Heat Bulb

The 250-watt heat bulbs can be used in the following situations:

  • Heating animal enclosures for chickens, pigs, full-grown dogs or puppies, reptiles, etc.
  • Heating bathrooms
  • Heating saunas
  • Heat therapy applications

If you have a bathroom in your home that is often cold, it could be a good idea to install these bulbs to keep the area warm when it is in use. That way, the room will be more comfortable for you and others.

The bulb can also be used in saunas and heat therapy applications. There are many health benefits associated with these uses. People who need to improve their blood circulation, cleanse their skin, relax their minds and bodies, or suffer from pain associated with injury or arthritis find that heat therapy and saunas are soothing. If you have a home sauna or a heat therapy application, then these bulbs are a great choice for you.

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