PB B’laster Big Shot Penetrant – 18 oz

  • Breaks loose rusted or frozen parts in motorized equipment
  • Protects equipment against rust and corrosion
  • Features a valve that sprays upside down

Because this penetrant has been the top-selling penetrant since 1957, you can trust it around all your motorized equipment.

PB B’laster Big Shot Penetrant Features

This 18-oz can of penetrant is the product you need in your emergency kit for any motorized equipment. If the moving parts in your equipment get stuck because of ice or rust, simply spray this penetrant on them and the parts will break free. The non-evaporating lubricant in this penetrant will not only save you time but will also save your equipment. This penetrant will also protect those moving parts against more rust and corrosion. This penetrant also features a valve that sprays upside down to increase its convenience.

You can use this penetrant on nuts and bolts, corroded pipe threads, or any part that is rusted, corroded, stuck, or frozen. It’s good for use in automotive, industrial, marine, plumbing, and other equipment.

SKU 1175034
Fulfillment Location Free C-A-L Pickup
Brand Big Shot
Clothing Size XXS
Manufacturer SKU 26-PB
Vendor Color Black
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