OK Brand 4-Point 12.5 Gauge Barbed Wire

  • Available in a 12.5 gauge with 4-point barbs every 5"
  • This durable product has a minimum breaking strength of 950 lbs
  • This dependable wire won’t droop and will maintain barb spacing

This OK Brand premium barbed wire is 12.5 gauge in size with 4-point barbs spaced every 5". All OK Brand barbed wire products feature no splices and, in addition, a minimum 950-lb breaking strength. The wire comes to you on non-collapsible reels with an easy handling system. The easy handle collapses within the spool of wire when the wire is stacked. To use, you just pick up the handle and it tightly hooks the spool when you lift up on the roll.

Uses of OK Brand 4-Point 12.5 Gauge Barbed Wire

This wire is your go-to product for fencing situations where there are many animals in a smaller corral or pasture. This product is ideal for containing hogs, cattle, bison, sheep, and horses. The 4-point barbed wire is the preferred product for higher impact areas such as pens or other holding areas. You can trust this premium wire to keep your herd contained or to keep your neighbor's animals out. This wire may also be useful in commercial capacities.

Features & Specs of OK Brand 4-Point 12.5 Gauge Barbed Wire

The use of two opposite-twisted wires provides strength and keeps the barb spacing intact to avoid slippage and gaps. The double wire-reverse twist cable design provides a durable, dependable wire that won't droop and that keeps barbs in place. OK Brand premium barbed wire has a Class I coating that meets or exceeds ASTM A-121 specifications with sharp, evenly spaced barbs.

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