Camp Chef Premium Hardwood Pellets - 20 lb

100 % of 100
  • Burns efficiently and ignites quickly
  • Made of 100% pure virgin hardwood
  • Adds a cherry flavor to meat

The Camp Chef Cherry BBQ Pellets are the perfect fuel for your next barbeque. They burn efficiently and can be used in the following appliances:

  • Pellet grills
  • Smokers
  • Barbeques

The pellets are made of 100% pure virgin hardwood. That means they do not contain any additives or byproducts such as oils, chemicals, or binders. So, you can trust that when you use Camp Chef Cherry BBQ Pellets, you’re burning nothing but wood.

The fact that these pellets are made only from hardwood allows for better flavor and an efficient burn. The pellets are kiln-dried, which not only helps the pellets to ignite quickly but also makes them low moisture. The lower moisture gives them a very dry, hot burn. The pellets burn less to maintain your desired temperature, leaving more for the next time you cook.

Not only do they burn efficiently, but these pellets also have a great flavor because they are made from hardwood. These pellets add a great flavor to chicken, pork, seafood, veggies, and are great for baking; they are also good for cooking beef. Camp Chef also produces other flavors that would give great flavor to whatever meat you grill. These pellets are a cost-effective choice for grilling, smoking, and barbequing. And when you’re all done, they don’t leave as much ash to clean up, increasing your grill time and decreasing your clean up.

The Camp Chef Cherry BBQ Pellets come in a 20-pound, resealable bag. These qualities make the bag easy to carry around and make storing leftover pellets easier. You can count on each bag to deliver consistent results.

Camp Chef Cherry BBQ Pellets are made in the USA.

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