Harvest King 40:1 2 Cycle Fuel - 1 gal

40:1 2 Cycle Fuel - 1 gal

Harvest King ® Select 40:1 2-Cycle Fuel is an ETHANOL-FREE,clean burning 92 octane fuel specifically formulated for use in small engines. This ready-to-use fuel and oil is mixed at a 40:1ratio with high-performance 100% synthetic JASO FD Certified oil and is formulated for long-life durability, making it one of the best small engine fuels on the market. Street gasoline contains ethanol, which absorbs moisture, forms deposits and degrades fuel systems, making your equipment difficult or impossible to start.

SKU 1120224
Fulfillment Location Free C-A-L Pickup
Brand Harvest King
Manufacturer SKU HKS509
Size 1 gal
Vendor Color Black
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