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Weaver Leather Polyethylene Sheep Halter - 3/8"

As low as $9.99
  • Strong design halter
  • Made with durable polyethylene
  • Easily guide your sheep

When you raise sheep for show, you understand the need for you and your sheep to both look good in the show ring. This halter from Weaver Leather comes in several different color options. It is the ideal option for showing your lamb around the ring.

Weaver Leather Polyethylene Sheep Halter Features

You can keep control of your lamb while you show her around the ring or give her some exercise with a fully adjustable 3/8" polyethylene rope. Complete with strong materials and a powerful halter, you can easily guide your lamb while she stays comfortable. When there is little space in your pasture, or you do not have a good fenced-in area to play or practice in, it may be necessary to take your sheep elsewhere. This may cause some stress, but you can use this halter to guide your lamb and help her feel safe.

Polyethylene is the primary strength of this halter. Polyethylene is often used as parachute rope, so you know that you can count on this polyethylene sheep halter to hold up to time and use while you guide even the most stubborn in your flock.

The halter of this product easily adjusts on and off of your sheep with a simple snap.

You can use this rope and halter to walk your sheep, practice their routines, direct them to the bathing station, or secure them in place while grooming.

Multiple color options are available to choose from. This halter measures 52" long.

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