Farm Innovators Chick Brooder Kit - 3'

  • Features washable chick run container
  • Includes a 10.5" heat lamp with adjusting stand
  • Provides all the starter items you need to raise chicks

Make raising chicks easier on yourself when you invest in this Farm Innovators Chick Brooder Kit.

Features of Farm Innovators Chick Brooder Kit

At 3' in diameter, this brooder can contain up to 15 chicks comfortably. The overall container is made with a washable corrugated plastic for easy cleaning when the chicks make messes.

A PVC pipe stand is included in the kit so you can hang the included heat lamp. Adjust the height of the lamp as the chicks grow with the PVC stand. The stand may also be secured to a wall for better height and more space within the brooder. The 10.5" heat lamp is just the thing to keep your chicks warm and happy.

Designed in a more circular fashion that square, you can be sure each of your chicks stay safe. With no corners, the chicks are less likely to pile on top of one another. The shape of this chick brooder kit reduces the risks of suffocation and death.

When you purchase this chick brooder, you're truly making an investment. A cozy run, a lamp stand, and a 10.5" heat lamp are all included to make your life easier.

Try this brooder today and enjoy the time you do not have to spend searching for the perfect supplies.

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