Little Giant Still Air Incubator

  • Built-in digital hydrometer and moisture channels to regulate humidity
  • Built-in, self-regulating control board to monitor heat and humidity
  • Made of durable, heat-retaining Styrofoam and heated with a gentle heating element

You can use the Little Giant Still Air Incubator to incubate your eggs in the time-tested way.

Features of the Little Giant Still Air Incubator

This incubator uses updated digital technology that streamlines the process of incubating eggs. It has a digital control board with an LCD display and an LED light. This technology ensures that you have accurate heat and humidity readings when you want them. The control board is also self-regulating, so it will adjust to fit the environment.

This incubator is built with Styrofoam, which will retain the warmth. A gentle heating element heats the inside of the incubator, and the durable Styrofoam keeps that heat from escaping.

This still-air incubator also has a digital built-in hydrometer and moisture channels that ensure the eggs have the right amount of humidity to stay healthy.

The plastic mesh screen supports the eggs and is also dishwasher safe for when the eggs are done hatching. There are two viewing windows through which you can observe and monitor the hatching process. This incubator will hold 41 large eggs; it can also hold up to 120 bantam or quail eggs with the proper equipment.

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