Little Giant Deluxe Incubator

  • Includes the Little Giant Automatic Egg Turner
  • Built-in fan and digital hydrometer to regulate heat and humidity
  • Built-in self-regulating control board to monitor heat and humidity

To keep your chicken eggs healthy and give them the best chance of hatching, you can buy the Little Giant Deluxe Incubator. This incubator will streamline the process of incubating many eggs.

Features of the Little Giant Deluxe Incubator

This incubator has a built-in fan that will circulate the air inside so that there aren’t any hot or cold spots. This feature keeps your eggs healthy by maintaining the ideal temperature. The Styrofoam construction will help retain warmth inside the incubator. It is durable and will protect your eggs.

The built-in digital hydrometer ensures ideal egg health by maintaining the proper level of humidity. Humidity is essential to egg health.

Built into the Styrofoam is a control board that will regulate the temperature inside the incubator. You can depend on this control board with its LCD display and LED light to show an accurate temperature and humidity readings instantly. The self-regulating control board will automatically adjust the temperature inside the incubator.

Specifications of the Little Giant Deluxe Incubator

The incubator holds 41 large eggs when you use the Little Giant Automatic Egg Turner, which is included with this incubator. There are two viewing windows so that you can visually monitor the eggs and watch the hatching process. The plastic mesh screen inside will support the eggs and is also dishwasher safe.

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