Sweet PDZ Coop Refresher - 10 lb


From the pioneering and leading odor control brand in the farm supply category comes, Sweet PDZ Coop Refresher. It is a superior and all-natural mineral that offers safe, fast-acting odor neutralization and moisture absorption through its unique mineral structure. The particle size of our Coop Refresher granules make it very easy to apply and effective for use in chicken coops, roosting areas and runs. Sweet PDZ Coop Refresher is “organic” listed through OMRI [Organic Materials Review Institute]. It serves as a safe and beneficial grit, and when disposed, it also enhances nutrient performance in compost and gardens. Sweet PDZ Coop Refresher is safe and easy to apply, and a little goes a long way. Sweet PDZ Coop Refresher’s primary market is backyard chicken keepers and homesteaders, who raise and care for chickens for their own egg and poultry consumption. Additionally, many consumers consider their chickens to be companion pets. They can be rural, suburban and even urban hobby farmers that look after their flock in a humane manner, with health and hygiene being a top concern. These consumers care for the environment, and are conscientious neighbors. They see a chicken coop as a home within our larger home, Mother Earth; a home that is safe, healthy and comfortable. Our Coop Refresher package is designed to have a warm, natural, rustic, and down-home look and theme. The soft, natural colors, as well as the images and fonts convey a holistic, yet contemporary freshness and vibrancy. There is nothing artificial looking about this package design, which also holds true with the ingredient inside of it.

• Safe and fast-acting ammonia capture & neutralizationNon-toxic, all-natural, granular mineral ideal for coop application
• No added perfumes, masking scents or chemicals
• #1 brand name in odor control category & best value over all competitive products
• People, flock and earth friendly
• 33 years of proven odor control performance
• Proudly made in the USA

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