Ware Coop Control - 1 Gal

  • Minimizes odors and flies
  • 97% bio based organic carbon to improve soil
  • Safe for chickens to ingest

With Ware Coop Control, you can easily reduce the odors produced by your chickens, making them easier to live and work with.

Ware Coop Control Features

This product is created with 97% bio-based organic carbon that naturally reduces the foul odors in your coop.

To use, simply sprinkle Coop Control around the inside of the coop, up to 1/8" deep. When you have fewer chickens, use less product. You should also use a greater amount if you have lots of chickens that create a lot of waste. You should replace the product with a new layer if the coop stench returns.

Should your chickens ingest some product, this product can actually benefit your chicken's health, preventing future issues and assisting in soil improvement.

When the stench has calmed, so will the activity of flies around the coop. These flies pester your poultry, causing stress that can lower egg production. As the fly population diminishes, so does your chickens' stress.

Ware Coop Control includes an added benefit of better soil by increasing the soil's ability to drain and air out. If you use your chicken waste in compost later, your garden will be off to a great start.

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