Ware Large Wooden Nest Box

  • Dimensions: 21" deep, 20" long, 11.25" wide, and 10" high
  • Compact style weighs 6.2 lb and is fully assembled
  • Natural wood is non toxic

Ware Large Wooden Nest Box Features

Use this Ware Large Wooden Nest Box to prepare for new baby rabbits or chicks this spring. Natural wood box is non-toxic and safe to chew.

Depth: 21"

Length: 20"

Width: 11.25"

Height: 10"

Weight: 6.2 lb

To prepare the box:

For rabbits, place the wooden box in your rabbit's regular cage, or, if necessary, in a larger cage where there will be more space. Fill the box about halfway with comfortable, non-toxic paper bedding that will provide padding over the wood floor even when squished. The doe will pull fur later to provide additional warmth for her kits and may arrange the bedding differently when you leave.

For chickens, place the wooden box in your chicken's covered shelter. The ideal place is within cubbies built for egg laying, but a covered place protected from the elements or chicken waste will do. Fill the box about halfway with comfortable wood shavings for bedding.

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