Little Giant Plastic Poultry Waterer - 7 gal

  • Hard plastic, durable material
  • For ducks, chickens, turkeys, and more
  • Maintains water level for less frequent water changes

Features of Little Giant Plastic Poultry Waterer - 7 gal

Use the Little Giant Plastic Poultry Waterer to provide a consistent water supply for your flock. Designed with a vacuum sealed o-ring cap, this durable item keeps up a contant stream of water flow. Heavy-duty translucent plastic allows you to see the water levels easily from the outside. This high-grade plastic resists dents for longer-lasting use.

This device is ideal for raising ducks, chickens, turkeys, or other poultry.

The top-down fill up design allows the above-water level pressure on the bottom to remain full.

Easy automatic filling jar includes snaps to attach it onto the base.

A rugged, hard plastic top handle on the lid allows for easy transportation when refilling.

Holds 7 gallons.

SKU 2815082
Fulfillment Location Free C-A-L Pickup
Brand LIttle Giant
Dimensions 7 gal
Size 7 gal
Vendor Color Black
UPC 084369096188
Manufacturer SKU PPF7
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