Purina Premium Flock Block - 25 lb

  • 25 lb block of seeds and nutrients
  • Will keep your flock busy for hours
  • Encourages natural pecking and scratching

This 25 lb block of seeds and nutrients from Purina is full of whole grains, oyster shells, and grit to enrich both the diet and the brain of your flock. The block encourages natural pecking and scratching.

Your flock will love the delicious and fun block that Purina has to provide!

The block includes: cracked corn, barley, milo, whole wheat, cane molasses, oyster shell flour, sunflower seed, soybean meal, and more.

The nutrition for this block is as follows:

9% Protein

2.5% Fat

4% Fiber

The block is great for wintertime when there is limited forage as well as inside your coop for those night-owls that need something to do inside the coop. The block can last up to over a month, depending on the number of birds that use it.

Purina’s Premium Flock Block gives laying hens an extra boost by providing oyster shells and other needed nutrients to support egg laying.

It is recommended that only adult birds consume this block. Purina Premium Flock Block is designed to supplement the diet of poultry over 18 weeks of age; it is not a complete ration. It provides pecking enjoyment and supplements free-range diets.

Many species of birds can consume this block.

One great benefit to Purina’s Premium Flock Block is that it helps stimulate the pecking instinct and deters birds from pecking at each other out of boredom.

Always provide a source of fresh water for your birds.

Store in a dry area away from rodents and insects. Do not feed moldy or insect-infested feed to animals as it may cause illness or death.

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