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DeGroot Royal Standard Hosta Starter Plant

  • Very hardy
  • Bright, glossy green leaves with upright and sturdy stems
  • Produces white, fragrant, funnel-shaped flowers from July to August

You can plant the DeGroot Royal Standard Hosta to add bright, glossy green leaves and white, fragrant, funnel-shaped flowers to your flower garden. This hosta is the first patented hosta.

Features of the DeGroot Royal Standard Hosta Starter Plant

More commonly known as a plantain lily, this hosta plant is a perennial that will enjoy the shady areas of your flower beds as well as woodland areas. It grows to be 12” to 24” in height. This hosta is very hardy.

The Medio Variegata produces full, elongated heart-shaped leaves. The leaves are a bright, glossy green, and they have upright stems.

The Royal Standard produces white, funnel-shaped flowers from July to August. The flowers are very fragrant, which is perhaps the hosta’s best quality. This plant will form clumps of leaves over time that you can then divide and spread throughout your flower garden if you’d like.

This hosta is susceptible to chewing insects and slugs, which can disfigure the shape of the foliage. The Royal Standard is also subject to leaf spots and crown rot.

Planting the DeGroot Royal Standard Hosta Starter Plant

You can plant the Royal Standard Hosta in partial sun to full shade. This hosta can tolerate more sun than other hosta varieties without the leaf edges burning or bleaching. The eyes of the plant need to be 1-2” below the soil surface. You’ll be able to tell the eyes apart from the rest of the plant because they are tender white or purple swells that protrude from the crown area. Once planted, be sure to water the hosta thoroughly.

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