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DeGroot Heritage Raspberry Starter Plant

  • Strong and productive plant that will spread fast
  • Heritage raspberries are a good-sized, firm fruit with great flavor
  • Moderate early crop and heavy fall crop

If you are starting a garden this year, you need the DeGroot Heritage Raspberry Starter Plant for a strong and productive raspberry plant.

Features of the DeGroot Heritage Raspberry Starter Plant

The Heritage raspberries produce a good-sized, firm fruit with great flavor. These Heritage raspberries are favored for fresh eating, canning, and preserving because of these qualities.

The Heritage raspberry is widely planted by home gardeners. It will bear a moderately sized early crop and then a heavier crop in the fall. If you plant the Heritage raspberry and only want a crop in the fall, you can mow the raspberry canes down to ground level in the fall so that the raspberries only produce in the fall. The Heritage raspberry is a strong plant that produces well; it will spread fast.

Maintenance of the DeGroot Heritage Raspberry Starter Plant

This raspberry starter plant should be planted as soon as springtime in your area allows you to work the ground. Once planted, you will need to give the raspberry starts 1” of water per week. These raspberries need regular and shallow cultivation to keep them maintained.

These Heritage raspberries only bear fruit on 1-year-old stems, so they should be pruned after they bear fruit so that there is room for new canes to grow in. You should keep pruning after that to make sure that the stems don’t become tangled. Pruning will also increase their ability to bear fruit.

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