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DeGroot Jewel Raspberry Starter Plant

  • Glossy black, sweet, and flavorful
  • High-yielding black raspberry
  • Jewel raspberry is early-ripening, winter hardy, and reliable fruit

If you are starting a garden this year, you need the DeGroot Jewel Raspberry Starter Plant. Now rated the best black raspberry variety, it has a high yield of rich black raspberries.

Features of the DeGroot Jewel Raspberry Starter Plant

The Jewel raspberry is a cross between the Bristol and Dundee varieties, but it is much better than either of those varieties. The Jewel raspberry is favored for its high yield of glossy black fruit with a rich raspberry flavor. The Jewel raspberry is disease resistant and grows vigorously. It will survive harsh winters and bounce back easily from subzero temperatures. You can rely on the Jewel raspberry to be winter hardy and super reliable.

Jewel is an early-ripening variety with bountiful, mid-season crops. This is a good variety for birds because it provides plenty of space to nest, roost, and hide. The berries provide birds with a healthy food source. These black raspberries are also healthy for humans because they contain high levels of phytonutrients.

These black raspberries can be used in baked treats to bring a pop of color and flavor. They can be preserved in jams and jellies so that you can enjoy their sweet, juicy taste all year long. If you like to eat fresh produce, you can add the Jewel raspberries to your smoothies and for a rich raspberry flavor.

The Jewel raspberry is recommended for home gardeners and market growers.

Maintenance of the DeGroot Jewel Raspberry Starter Plant

This raspberry starter plant should be planted as soon as springtime in your area allows you to work the ground. Once planted, you will need to give the raspberry starts 1” of water per week. The Jewel raspberries need regular and shallow cultivation to keep them maintained.

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