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DeGroot Honeoye Strawberry Starter Plant

  • June-bearing Honeoye strawberry starter
  • Large red fruit that tastes and smells sweet
  • Harvest period lasts for two weeks

The DeGroot Honeoye Strawberry Starter Plant would be the perfect way to start your strawberry patch this year.

Features of DeGroot Honeoye Strawberry Starter Plant

This June-bearing strawberry starter produces large, tasty, sweet fruit. The flavor is sweet, and the berries smell delicious. The berries are a beautiful red color. These qualities make these berries best for freezing.

The Honeoye strawberry starter has a large yield and will produce fruit for two weeks, which is a long harvest period for strawberries. The Honeoye strawberry is highly resistant to common strawberry diseases, which will provide you with ample amounts of fruit to preserve as jams and jellies or to eat fresh.

Planting Instructions for DeGroot Honeoye Strawberry Starter Plant

You will want to plant these starters in the spring as soon as possible. The runners will need to form a mat that is 15” to 18” wide; each runner will need to be spaced 4” to 6” apart. When winter temperatures hit 20°F or below, you can cover the plants with straw or leaves for winter protection. In the spring, remove the mulch layer and pinch off the blooms until they stop flowering in the early summer. After that, you can expect the strawberry plants to produce their first harvest the following spring. You should consider replanting your bed of strawberries after their second bearing season.

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