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DeGroot Quinault Strawberry Starter Plant

  • Everbearing and highly resistant to diseases
  • First harvest in June with a second harvest in the fall
  • Self-pollinating and will produce berries on unrooted runners

The DeGroot Quinault Strawberry Starter Plant is one of the most disease-free varieties of strawberries. This makes it the perfect variety to start your home strawberry patch.

Features of DeGroot Quinault Strawberry Starter Plant

This is an everbearing strawberry variety that can be harvested first in June and again in the fall. Its disease-free nature helps it to survive through the seasons and bring you the bountiful harvest you desire.

The Quinault strawberry is a self-pollinating variety, making it an efficient producer of a strawberry crop. It produces red berries on unrooted runners; the berries are up to 2” in diameter.

This Quinault strawberry will grow well in containers. It can also be used as an attractive ground cover or as a border planting along walks and paths.

Planting Instructions for DeGroot Quinault Strawberry Starter Plant

The Quinault strawberry should be planted in the spring as soon as the ground is workable. Soak the plants in water first and then choose a spot of ground in full sun. Plant with the crown of the plant at soil level. You should then cover the plants with 6” of mulch to protect the roots during winter temperatures at or below 20°F. The mulch can be removed the following spring. The flowers and runners should be removed during the first season so that the strawberries can establish a root system.

The early planting may not seem necessary but planting these starts early will prevent transplant shock and will allow your Quinault strawberries plenty of time to develop roots. You should protect the plants from frost to keep them growing and consider replanting your strawberry beds every two years.

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