Milk-Bone Medium Dog Biscuit - 10 lb

  • Freshens breath and cleans teeth
  • Intended for medium-sized dogs
  • Supports physical health with 12 vitamins and minerals

The Milk-Bone Medium Dog Biscuits sold at C-A-L Ranch Stores are a healthy and beneficial snack for your furry friend because they will clean your dog’s teeth, freshen that doggy breath, and provide 12 vitamins and minerals to keep your dog healthy and happy. These treats are meant for dogs over 20 lb.

Milk-Bone Medium Dog Biscuits have a classic crunchy texture—which your dog will not only love to listen to but that will clean his or her teeth. As your dog gnaws on the bone, the crunchy bits will scrape against your dog’s teeth and clear away the tartar that has built up. As a result, your dog’s breath will also improve because the Milk-Bone will clear away the existing plaque, which is the source of stinky dog breath. The Milk-Bone Medium Dog Biscuits also include 12 vitamins and minerals to improve your dog’s physical health.

The 10-pound value size box of Milk-Bone Medium Dog Biscuits sold at C-A-L Ranch Stores contains 300+ treats in every box. You can give your dog a treat as often as he or she deserves with this value-size box because you aren’t likely to run out as quickly as you would with a smaller box. Not only that but the treats are also bone-shaped to add to your dog’s happiness at being given a treat. The meaty flavor of the biscuit will also satisfy your dog’s cravings.

Always monitor your dog when giving a treat. These biscuits can be used as a snack or a treat to supplement a healthy diet. A good rule of thumb to follow is to give your dog 3-6 biscuits per day per 10 lbs of your dog’s body weight. Store the biscuits between snack sessions in a cool, dry place.

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