DeGroot Jackmanii Clematis Starter Plant

  • Blooms from July to October
  • Produces dark violet-purple flowers 5-6” wide
  • Common name of the Jackmanii Clematis is Jackman Clematis

The popular and reliable Jackmanii Clematis will bring a beautiful purple splash to your flower garden. This Clematis variety is a popular perennial.

Features of DeGroot Jackmanii Clematis Starter Plant

The common name of this Clematis variety is Jackman Clematis. It blooms from July to October, and the flowers are 5-6” wide. They are a dark violet-purple color with four petals and green stamens. The Jackmanii Clematis has opposite placed leaves on thin vines. The vines have tendrils that will wrap around a trellis, structure, or around other nearby plants.

Planting Instructions for DeGroot Jackmanii Clematis Starter Plant

The Jackmanii Clematis should be planted in full sun to achieve the best blooms as well as the greatest number of blooms. The roots should be kept cool; you can use mulch or stone to keep the roots of the Jackmanii Clematis cool. When you plant it, make sure that the crown is 1-2” below the soil surface before you cover it with original soil.

The Jackmanii Clematis requires sufficient water to develop a root system and produce blooms. The first spring after planting your Jackman Clematis, prune the growth down to 6-12” from the ground to allow the plant to develop a root system before it focuses its energy on producing blooms.

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