DeGroot Sarah Bernhardt Peony Bareroot

  • Beautiful fragrant, double pink blooms
  • Long-lasting blooms begin mid-spring
  • Attracts pollinators to your garden

Features of DeGroot Sarah Bernhardt Peony Bareroot

The DeGroot Sarah Bernhardt Peony Bareroot is an eye-catching addition to any garden. This beautiful double-pink peony is sure to brighten up your landscape with its fragrant blooms. It will provide long-lasting beauty beginning mid-spring. Not only will you get to enjoy the beauty of this peony, but it will also attract pollinators to your garden. Plant this peony in well-draining soil in a location that receives full sun or partial shade for best results. With just a bit of care and attention, you will be able to enjoy the beauty of this peony in your garden for years. This stunning peony is perfect for any gardener looking to add a touch of color to their landscape. The DeGroot Sarah Bernhardt Peony Bareroot offers a unique, showy display of double pink blooms that will bring a special charm to your garden. It is sure to be a conversation piece among your guests and a favorite of the neighborhood bees. Get ready to be amazed by the colorful blooms of the DeGroot Sarah Bernhardt Peony Bareroot. It is sure to bring a unique charm to your garden and be a favorite of both you and the pollinators.

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