DeGroot Rhubarb, Victoria Plant

Rhubarb, Victoria Plant

‘Victoria’ is easy to grow and trouble free, making it a garden favorite for years! With its huge leaves and thick green stalks, it is striking enough to have for display purposes, as well. This hardy perennial has a wonderful tart flavor and serves superbly in pies and sauces, just to name a few. Plant in early spring in any well-drained, fertile soil, in the sun. Space plants about 3’ apart. If planted too closely, they will be scrawny and more susceptible to disease. For bountiful harvests for years to come, do not harvest the first year and harvest few the second year. Leaf stalks can be harvested starting in spring over an 8-week period. When harvesting, do not remove more than half of the stalks at any time so the roots will maintain their strength for the next season. To harvest, twist the stalk while pulling sideways and trim off the tops.


  • Includes 3 plants and planting instructions
  • Size: .75-1.5”
  • Hardiness Zones: 2-9
  • Non-GMO
  • Winter hardy and drought resistant
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