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Tarter Gate Expectant Cow Maternity Pen

  • Safely assist expectant cows
  • Contain nursing cows that refuse to feed their young
  • Versatile circular design allows access from multiple sides with maximum use

Working with cattle can be a difficult task, especially when each animal has its own personality. These large animals, while typically docile, can be very stubborn. Add brute strength and pregnancy hormones to the mix and your progress could go nowhere. This maternity pen can help.

Tarter Gate Expectant Cow Maternity Pen Features

Use this maternity pen to contain nursing cows when their calves still need to nurse. Designed in a circle, you can easily contain your cow when you swing the rectangular door closed. This circular design is more secure that rectanglar pens due to the elimination of an extra corner where a determined cow could slip past you and out the gate.

Several swing-open locked or unlocked gates can act as doors or walls, depending on the current use. These doors swing in multiple directions for full coverage. Whether you need to make the pen larger for a birthing cow or smaller for a calf to nurse, this pen does it all.

Multiple doors and openings allow full access to the mother cow and/or her calf. A ratchet stop allows you to constrict the space to the size of the cow.

With a durable, automatic headgate, you can easily contain stubborn mother cows. When you swing the large door around the circle pen, she will try to escape through the headgate, trapping herself in the process.

You can use this pen for birthing mothers that may need assistance or nursing cows that won't feed their calves. A ribbed floor plate is included in the designated birthing area for complete control.

Made with a heavy-duty, all welded 2-1/2 square tube frame, you can be sure this pen will last for all your cattle tasks.

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