Sunnyside Xylene Lacquer Thinner - 1 gal

Xylene Lacquer Thinner - 1 gal

Made in the USA.

Gallon, VOC Compliant, Xylol/Toloul Solvent, Powerful, Medium To Fast Drying Solvent For Thinning & Clean Up Of High Solids Content Coatings Like Anti Rust Paints, Synthetic Enamels, Varnishes, Adhesives & Porch & Deck Enamels, Also Used As A Solvent/Thinner For Rubber Cement & Mastics, Read Label Carefully Before Use, Under 25 Gram Per Liter.

SKU 137392
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Brand Sunnyside
UPC 076542001980
Manufacturer SKU 477G1
Size 1 gal
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