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White's Boots Men's Otc Midweight Merino Wool

Men's Otc Midweight Merino Wool
  • Tightly packed cells hold up to 30% of their weight in moisture before feeling wet
  • Double crimped molecular structure provides
  • Flexibility and elasticity which helps retain shape
  • Resistant to dirt particles
  • Traps air for insulation from warmth or cold, which helps regulate temperature
  • Evenly distributes moisture to help you feel drier
  • Flexing causes the fiber to breathe & dry quickly
  • Doesn’t allow static electricity to build up due to moisture
  • Chemical composition & moisture resist burning & chars instead; when flame is removed burning stops completely, ash can be brushed away
SKU 7013
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Brand White's Boots
Department Men's
Manufacturer SKU 7013
UPC 7013
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