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Big&J Meltdown Mineral Mix 1.5 lb

Meltdown Mineral Mix 1.5 lb

The unique mineral mix literally melts down when you add water, sending off vapors to attract deer

At BIG&J, we’ll do just about anything to attract deer from farther away. Even if it comes to a meltdown!

Meltdown Mineral Mix is a mineral powder (less than 1% salt) that, when you add water to the container, creates an intense chemical reaction and significant heat. This heat causes vaporization.

So when you pour Meltdown onto the ground, vapors carry the aroma of the minerals through the air to the nose of the deer. This vaporization also occurs with each rainfall.

  • Vapor-producing chemical reaction recurs with each rainfall
  • Mineral blend (less than 1% salt) attracts deer year-round
  • Available in a 1.5lb Mix’n Pour container

How Meltdown Works:

  • Add water to container and mix with powder to start chemical reaction (which in doing so, turns the mineral blue!)
  • Once the mixture gets HOT, pour it onto exposed, loosened ground
  • Vapors will carry the strong aroma, attracting deer from great distances
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