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Flextone Thunder Jake Decoy

Thunder Jake Decoy

When you challenge the pecking order, it can change the game. Adding a non-threatening decoy like the Thunder Jake can bring in a gobbler to the end of your boots. The upright design of the Thunder Jake tells nearby birds there’s a non-dominant gobbler with the hens. Most times this immediately triggers a gobbler’s dominance; he’ll quickly go from thinking about mating to a fighting mentality to establish who is boss.

The paint scheme and feather detail further add to the Thunder Jake’s relaxed appearance to make him an easy target. His non-threatening, upright position has great visibility for passing birds.

  • High-profile, relaxed position
  • Sub-dominant pose
  • Displays more of a challenge than hens
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Brand Flextone
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Vendor Color Sagebrush Green
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