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Harvest Lane Honey Hive Top Feeder

  • Easy-to-fill access for beekeeper convenience
  • Specially-designed for bee health and nutrition
  • Sits on top of inner cover on 8- or 10-frame hives

Features of Harvest Lane Honey Hive Top Feeder

The Harvest Lane Honey Hive Top Feeder is the perfect accessory for any beekeeper. With easy-to-fill access, the feeder is specially designed to ensure the health and nutrition of the bees. It fits perfectly on top of an 8- or 10-frame hive, making it easy to access and fill without having to open the hive. The feeder is perfect for those who want to give their bees an extra boost of nutrition, or who may be worried about the health of their bees during colder months. The feeder is made of durable plastic and is easy to clean, making it the perfect addition to any beekeeper's kit. With its easy-to-fill access, specially-designed features for bee health and nutrition, and its ability to fit on top of inner covers on 8- or 10-frame hives, the Harvest Lane Honey Hive Top Feeder is an invaluable accessory for any beekeeper.

SKU 5241097
Fulfillment Location Ship to Home, Free C-A-L Pickup
Brand Harvest Lane Honey
Dimensions 16 in x 13 in
UPC 634392067299
Manufacturer SKU FEEDTP-101
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